The Timothy R, Show is an experimental YouTube channel where I get to practice presenting, filming, to ad lib, writing & editing on a range of different subjects & experiment as a YouTuber.

It is an essential edition to my content creator portfolio as it allows mistakes, experiments and liberty in my story-telling.


This channel doesn't take itself too seriously and nor is it to be viewed as such.


A bit of light relief for the day. 

The Timothy R Show

The Timothy R Show

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Comedy short inspired by Absolutely Fabulous' episode "Fat" and after a Buddhist Monks first comment to seeing me after several years was: "You got fat" (He even appears on the video!) This video sees the largest number of guest stars and collaborators to appear on the show to date.

visiting cancun part 3 

Part 3 of a 3-part travel vlog looking at the mysteries of Cancun. Using a mixture of original and stock footage, this video captures the essence of the trip, of Cancun and the surprises in-store for guest star Adam.

the extra-ordinary origins of easter

An irreverent and whistle-stop tour through the history of Easter. Some interesting facts and some terrible dad puns! 

What do Easter bunnies and Easter eggs have to do with the Christian story of the Crucifixion and The Resurrection. Find out all this and more!

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