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Is there a lost generation, and what can we do about it?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

There is a lot Hospitality can do, but we need to do it NOW.

It's very true that we are very close to having a "lost generation" of young people as a result of the lockdowns and disruptions to their education (and social skills).

Speaking to, sitting down with, listening and engaging with these Year 10s (ages 14-15) has made this abundantly clear.

As a sector, the hospitality industry is really missing a trick.

(Here at Trinity Academy Brixton, London)

Now is the Time

Now is the time to communicate with young people, teachers, parents and careers advisors about the many wonderful opportunities our profession can bring (as well as the lows - let's not pretend everything is rosy all of the time).

Young people are our future and we, now more than ever, need to attract new talent in order to grow and thrive. Our industry can no longer be continually reactive, but must start being more proactive.

McDonalds Happy Meal

I liken this to the McDonalds Happy Meal concept (regardless of what you might think of the restaurant or the product, please bear with me..). McDonalds have a very successful policy of attracting people whilst they are young, via the Happy Meal, which results in establishing loyalty at an early age. These young people then become adults and future customers.

Hospitality professionals should be sharing their stories and success right now, so that young people, teachers, career advisors and parents can see that this career can be varied, rewarding and pay well.

How can we do this?

Begin approaching schools, speak to the teachers, go to careers days - market the opportunities.

But above all listen and speak to the young people and their parents.

Only by stepping up and educating about our industry can we truly stem the tide of Hospitality's negative reputation.


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