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What is "Trans"?

Updated: Jun 21


The “T” bit seems to be a hot topic right now if the mainstream and social medias are to be believed.

There also seems to be a lot of ignorance or, rather, misunderstanding about what the “T” stands for.

Or more specifically – what it means to be “Trans”.

As part of Pride month it felt appropriate to look more into this as everyone I know seems to have an opinion on this, with many not really knowing that much about it.

What Does Trans Mean?

Luckily for us, tomorrow’s podcast guest and writer of the original adapted post below, Che Barnes is on hand to help explain this to us.

Che explains that “Trans is simply short for “transition” meaning “to transition from one gender to another” According to Che, there is no "right or wrong" way to be Trans, and there are two broad categories of Trans: “Trans Binary” and “Trans Non-Binary”.

Trans Binary.

In the Trans Binary model, people Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB) may identify as a woman and therefore transition to become a Trans Woman. Or they may simply adopt a feminine presentation - i.e. Trans Fem. Someone Assigned Female At Birth may identify as a man and therefore transition to become a Trans Man. Or simply adopt a masculine presentation - i.e. Trans Masc.

Trans Non-Binary

In the Trans Non-Binary model, people may transition away from the sex they were assigned at birth to something other than the 'opposite' gender. In this respect, sex and gender are simply not Binary in the traditional sense that has been taught. Rather Binary gender is a “construct” that has been introduced, and enforced / reinforced - over many decades / centuries through religion, control and social conditioning. As Trans Non Binary, people may identify as: Agender - i.e. they don't experience any gender Bigender - i.e. they feel both male and female Neutral - i.e. they feel their gender is 'in the middle'

The Rules Transition can manifest in several ways: *SOCIAL* - telling friends and family / changing name and attire etc. and/or *LEGAL* - updating official records to recognise new gender and/or *MEDICAL* - hormone treatments or surgical intervention. But: none of these steps are required or essential in order for someone to identify as Transgender. There are, therefore, no hard and fast rules as to what constitutes a transition. And, therefore, is no right nor wrong way to be Trans.

People are people and we are all complex beings.

No one is the same as anyone else, and as soon as we start accepting that, then the world will be a better place. ***

Please share your thoughts and comments on the above. What do you think?


As part of Pride month I'll be sharing a number of thoughts, posts and collaborations by Che Barnes Gender Diversity and Inclusion trainer / speaker - helping organisations bridge their knowledge gap on true Gender Equality.

We take a look at this and more issues with Che in , and what to do if you or your workers are trans and provide advice, support and solutions on the topic.


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