The Key to Great Reviews is Simple

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Nearly every hotel, tourism and hospitality operator in the world is listed on TripAdvisor.

The reason for TripAdvisors’ success is really quite simple: consumers trust other consumers. By looking at TripAdvisor, travellers or guests can feel rest assured over their choices before they purchase.

They do this by looking at reviews. Reviews can be found everywhere from TripAdvisor to OpenTable to Google.

But why are they so important and what’s the one easy step to getting good reviews?

Hospitality customers are unable to “try before they buy” and before parting with their often hard earned cash, would like some positive reassurance that they are making the right decision.

And the best way to do this – check out what other customers are saying in their reviews.

What is being said in the reviews, and your responses, can be a defining factor in a customers decision to spend or to stay with you.

A recent survey from revealed that 31% of people are more likely to spend more on a business with excellent reviews, and a whopping 92% will purchase after reading a trusted review.

So then, how can we at the grass roots level, impact positive reviews for our business?

The answer is simple: Customer Service.

The hospitality industry, quite simply, cannot function without customers.

Hospitality is a competitive business, and at a time when we are looking to bring customers back, we cannot underestimate the importance of great customer service.

No customers means no business.

It is important to note that your “brand” is not enough. As consumers start spending with us again they want to feel valued and appreciated. They want to feel like they are getting the best possible experience for their money.

When your business has great customer service, customers will share their experiences with their friends, and also often on social media. You can’t get better advertising than that!

Bad customer service will have a similar, only more detrimental effect. Unhappy guests tell others or leave negative reviews, which can cause you to lose business.

American Express recently estimated that unhappy guests tell twice as many people about their negative experiences than they do about their positive ones!

These days, it seems, there is such thing as “bad publicity”.

This is why it’s extremely important that your hospitality business succeed at customer service.

This includes your guests’ first interaction, their last interaction, and everything in between.

A recent report by McKinsey revealed that 70% of customers said that good customer service influenced their spending with a hospitality business.

That’s huge – especially when considering how all important those added extras can make to the bottom line.

So, what can you do?

The answer is simple.

Make sure that your employees are trained and to consistent levels. This can be done in-house by a manager, but you can also show you are willing to invest in your team or people by enrolling them on a level 1 or level 2 customer qualification course.

When you have across-the-board baseline, and a qualified team, then you can add in the details.

The biggest thing you can do is to make sure your employees know how to handle situations that may arise.

When your employees feel like know the answers, they will feel confident in their interactions with guests.

This will speed up problem resolution, efficiency and make your customers feel assured your staff know what they are doing, and are professional.

When a customer has an excellent experience with a business, he or she will remember that experience and business, increasing the chance of their spending more again in the future.

Remember: customers are the most important part of the business. Without them, there is no business.

Keep them happy, provide great customer service and the reviews – and business – will follow.

Let me know what you think is the most important factor in getting great reviews in the comments below.

(I am delighted to share that Wandsworth Lifelong Learning are offering FREE customer service level 2 qualification courses to Hospitality Businesses in London.

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