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School Sucks (Unless You're a Hospitality Professional)

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Ugh. School kids. 😨

Young people. Bleurgh. 🤢

This is quite often the reaction I get from some hospitality professionals - who (most of the time) are too busy to be distracted by things like this.

Which is unfortunate as following on from Brexit and Covid, the Hospitality industry really does need to think beyond the immediate, reactive "here and now".

I have had many privileged moments working in our sector, but one of the highlights has been working on the PanOut and PanOut2 projects with The Hospitality Academy by Rinova.

Via this project, we have proactively engaged with teachers, parents, young people and hospitality employers.

Our aim was simple: share the knowledge about what a great industry we are in and the many, many opportunities it offers.

I recently visited the wonderful Raynes Park High School speaking to 240 year 10s (14-15 year olds) who are about to start work experience (above)

Only 3 had considered Hospitality as a possible sector to get their experience.

If we are to have a future, we need to be reaching out NOW.

A drop in the ocean, perhaps, but we can all do our bit.

But are you?


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