I Don't Have The Time For This..

I don’t have the time for this.

I’m too busy.

How often do we find ourselves saying that?

Particularly in Hospitality.

We all have a vision of ourselves, of how we would like to be.

Eat better, sleep more, exercise more, study something.

Whatever it is, we often fall short and it is often around the things we know that will be good for us, or make us feel better about ourselves.

In his book War of Art, Steven Pressfield describes this as “resistance” and, I can confirm, you are not alone in experiencing this.

For example, despite requesting some free training, when offered, a few Hospitality employers declined the opportunity, saying: “We don’t have the time”.

And yet.

And yet, equally busy or busier Hospitality businesses DO have the time. They do have the time to structure their rotas and invest in their people.

Despite reopening, despite staff shortages, despite being busy.

The courses offered by Wandsworth Lifelong Learning, for example, as part of their “Reopen, Refresh, ReCharge” campaign tailored specifically to the Hospitality industry are on average 2 hours long.

Let’s put this in perspective shall we?

The average person in 2019-20 spent 145 minutes A DAY on social media. That’s over 1000 minutes a week (or 17 hours).

(And before you shout “Covid!!” – in 2018 it was 142 minutes a day).

People have enough time to scroll through reams and reams of often meaningless information and advertisements, but not enough time to grow themselves.

So for approximately 1/8th of that time could see a change in behaviour, and in some cases, a qualification.

Think about that for a second.

If, of course, you have the time.

In 1/8th of the time an average person spends on social media, they could earn a qualification.

Let's put this in a business context.

There are multitudes of statistics proving that training increases employee satisfaction which in turn reduces stress and, therefore, absenteeism and also increases profits.

It also reduces staff turnover.

One study found that companies that trained staff saw 63% higher productivity, 69% higher profits and 74% higher quality.

It also reduces the need to micromanage your team, freeing up managers to do their job – manage.

Do you have the time to invest in your team or are you too busy?

Please let me know your thoughts – am I being unrealistic? Let me know!

Do you have the time?

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