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An Evening Coffee

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Every year the Buddhist Light International Association  opens up an international short film competition - the focus is to highlight a key aspect of Humanistic Buddhist teaching, teachings that are not esoteric or mystical, but are practical and of use in the real world.

This years competition focuses on: 

“Half - Half ”

How many odds do I have?
If we work hard at the good half of it,the bad half will naturally diminish.
Accept the beautiful half and tolerate the other failing half so that you possess a complete life.

Karlina Veras ( and Timothy R. Andrews have paired up for the competition as their first collaboration.

Our focus is to not belabour or preach the teachings, but to make the observer think and reflect upon how their behaviours towards themselves and others may be directly impacting their experiences. We focus very much on the humanist aspect.

The short movie features powerful business woman Ruthie and the bumbling Boyle. Both have very different lives whose paths cross at work daily, but everything changes over an evening coffee. 

Sometimes we don't know what we have until it's gone.

The film has now wrapped and completed post-production.


I was privileged to work with an incredibly talented and diverse cast and crew.

We look forward to being able to present the full movie to you later in the year.

For more information on the competition visit:


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