About Me

​I have worked 20 years in Hospitality and Recruitment, as a hospitality recruiter, and have a proven track record of successfully working with small independently owned and large multinational brand names such as Hilton Worldwide, Taj Hotels, Peyton & Byrne and prestigious venues like Alexandra Palace and the Garrick Club.

I am delighted that in my latest role with Personnel Worldwide, an international Hospitality Recruiter company, we are actively focusing on supporting Ukrainian nationals by providing accommodation and finding work for them in the UK.

I am also excited to be part of The Art of Living In London 2022 project, with founder Paul Madison, focusses on the wonders of London - post lockdown - as it is now and as it looks to the future. 

The Art of Living in London 2022 book follows on from the commercial and artistic success of The Art of Living in London 2018. 



I worked my way up from hospitality recruiter to Managing Director of 3 different hospitality recruiter businesses, overseeing to mergers and an acquisition.

From 2013-2020 I built up (from zero) and led, London based Hospitality Recruiter & Training company Learn Train Recruit.

I am proud to say that as a hospitality recruiter firm, we put more than 10,000 people into hospitality work over 7 years, training them from entry level.


I, and my team of hospitality recruiters,  also helped them along the next step of their hospitality career. 

After the Covid-19 pandemic devastated and damaged the lives of many of my friends and colleagues, and there was very little hospitality recruiter work, I used the opportunity to shine light on the many positive stories still coming from the Hospitality industry and it's people.

I did this through my podcast (Timothy Put The Kettel On -  At our peak we had around 12,000 listeners and we had some well known Hospitality influencers on the show.

We are about to start our third series which, in line with my hospitality recruiter career, will focus on recruitment and employment in the Hospitality industry.

During this time I also worked with Rinova Ltd to create and kickstart the Hospitality Academy, an umbrella of EU & UK funded projects designed specifically to support and promote London's Hospitality industry.

I also ensured that people within the Hospitality industry were made aware of the free courses by Wandsworth Lifelong Learning so that employees had the opportunity to upskill themselves during lockdown. 

My mission continues to be helping rebuild Hospitality and inspire people to become better versions of themselves.