About Me

Hospitality. Podcaster. Consultant.

Anyone who talks to me knows very quickly my passion for Hospitality.


I have worked 20 years in Hospitality and Recruitment, and have a proven track record of successfully working with small independently owned and large multinational brand names within the Hospitality & Catering industry. From 2013-2020 I built up from zero and led London based Hospitality Recruitment company Learn Train Recruit.

I am proud to be able to say that over the years we put 1000s of people into work in the hospitality & catering sector, whether training them from entry level or helping them along the next step of their hospitality career. I am delighted that Learn Train Recruit has now returned to the London Talent family as part of its next growth phase and wish it every success.

After the Coronavirus lockdown devastated and damaged the lives of many of my friends and colleagues, I have used the opportunity to shine light on the many positive stories still coming from the Hospitality industry and it's people.

I have done this through my podcasts (Timothy Put The Kettel On -, my work with Wandsworth Lifelong Learning where I actively promote free online classroom and training courses to people within Hospitality and currently my work with the Hospitality Academy (

My mission now is to help rebuild Hospitality in the UK and am delighted that my work with Rinova Ltd will be an important part of that process. Together we are looking for 200 employers to join us for the Hospitality Academy project - to build a fit for purpose, post-lockdown, fit-for-purpose Hospitality Academy built by employers for employers. (


My goal is to inspire people to become better versions of themselves and  rebuild hospitality step by step.

Don't be part of the new norm...create it.

This is a motto I created for the Academy and one I live and work by.